The Lob – read how this is achieved

The Lob

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Whether you are growing out a shorter style or want to give your long hair a good healthy snip or makeover, the Lob is very On Trend!

Celebrities such as Holly Willoughby, Caroline Flack and Sienna Miller show very well how flattering and versatile this style is. Wavy or straight, with or without a fringe, the important thing to remember is that the Lob needs to be thick and chunky. If your hair is not thick enough to achieve the blunt lines necessary to pull this look off, then have a think about using hair extensions to add the volume that you need to create this sassy look.

As I have previously stated, extensions don’t need to add length every time, they can enhance a style, to add colour or volume. Lets try and get creative with our hair, try something different that will give us a completely new look for the new year.

My preferred method to achieve the Lob is by using Tape Weft. By adding small strips of ultra fine hair to the natural hair, a thicker more luxurious style is reached. Affordable and quick and easy, this method will last 4- 6 weeks before requiring some maintenance.

If you want to try something different but still hold on to your sexy locks, the Lob is the perfect way to give a “new you” a go as we believe this style can work for anyone.

Care does need to be taken by the stylist not to take too much length off thus creating a bob rather than a lob. Although the bob is classic in its style, if too short can be quite ageing and does not necessarily suit everyone.

We at Trend Hair Extensions have created quite a few lobs’ towards the end of last year and into the beginning of 2018. Lets hope that this style continues to be popular as it really is very versatile.





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