Hair Extensions

There was a time when it was only celebrities that wore extensions but the continued development and access to new and affordable methods mean hair extensions can be for anyone. Here are the five types of methods that we at Trend have the pleasure of offering:


Pre-bonded hair extensions or fusion bonded are one of the oldest and most trusted methods of extensions. They are individual strands attached to the root with heat by a keratin nail tip. Pre-bonded are versatile and long lasting. Unlike other methods you will not require regular maintenance and providing they are looked after well, can last you 3 – 4months.  For length and thickness these extensions can also offer an easy alternative to highlights or to create a ballyage affect. Suitable for most hair types but should not be used on weak or fragile hair.  Available in Indian Remy and Luxury hair.

Micro-loop extensions are rather like the fusion bonded but they do not use heat or glue.  Each strand is attached using a small silicone lined ring that is clamped to sections of the natural hair. Ideal for those who want extensions without the use of any heat or chemicals. This is a long-term solution that can be re-fitted and used for up to 12 months. Only available in our luxury hair allowing it to be re-fitted after around 8-10 weeks.

This method is suitable for medium to thick hair.

Tape- Weft extensions are rapidly becoming the most desired type of hair extensions. Attached with 4cm wide headers they are held with a strong but safe bond to the natural hair. Due to the placement and weight distribution of these hair extensions they are extremely natural looking and kind to the hair. They are incredibly comfortable and in our opinion the safest method of extensions. They can be warn for 6- 8 weeks before being removed and re-fitted for a further 2 or 3 times. Making them flexible, safe and versatile for anyone with fine to medium hair. Available in our Indian Remy and luxury hair.

Nano rings are rather like micro-loops in the way they are individual bonds attached to the root of the hair but the ring is considerably smaller, making it the most discrete type of extension. They are more suitable for people with medium to fine hair and create beautiful, natural looking hair warn up or down in any style.  Offered only in our luxury range and are for clients who want a longer-term solution to extensions with the correct maintenance.

Celebrity weave The word weave has been in the past associated with afro-Caribbean hair but with recent developments we are able to combine the thickness of the weave with the application of micro-rings making it suitable for Caucasian hair aswell. The ultra thin weft is a favorite amongst stylists as it can add length, thickness and colour with minimum fuss and applied with no heat or glue making it equally easy to remove and re-fit after 6 weeks. It is available that the natural hair is not too thick and is at least shoulder length.


Fusion Bonded 20 inch

£350 per head – lasts 3-4 months

Tape Weft 20 inch

£220 per head – hair lasts 4-5 months

£95 to re-fit hair after 4-6 weeks


Fusion Bonded 18 inch

£450 per head – lasts 3-4 months

Add £40 for 22 inch

Tape Weft 18 inch

£240 per head – hair lasts 4-5 months

£95 to – re-fit hair after 4-6 weeks

Add £40 for 22 inch

Micro-loops 18 inch

£450 per head – hair lasts 9 – 12 months

Maintenance at £60 per hour recommended every 4-6 weeks

Add £40 for 22 inch

REMOVAL up to 2 hours

Bonded £50

Tape Weft – £30

Micro-loops – £50