Hair Extensions Salon coming soon

I haven’t written a blog recently as the last couple of months I have been busy getting ready to open a salon in High Wycombe – a specialist hair extension fitting and styling bar…

This will be somewhere you can visit for all your long hair needs, including cutting, colouring, fitting and styling, not only for hair extensions, but for long hair in general.

My promise to my clients is this:

“Trend Hair Extensions are dedicated to providing professional and honest care in a safe environment. We aim to ensure that our clients experience is relaxing, safe and enjoyable. No matter what their age is or their requirements, we aim to offer a service that will make them feel amazing as soon as they enter our salon..”

I feel confident in stating this after spending the last 6 years training with the best in the industry. A level III qualification in hair extensions through Michelle Griffin (hair extensionist of the year) and most recently a “dressing long hair” training program with Patrick Cameron.

Trend Hair Extensions salon will be offering three types of fittings. Fusion Bonded (from £290) Micro-loops (from £340) and Tape Weft (from £180).

I will go into more detail of these types of hair extensions over the next couple of weeks so you can decide what type will suit you best.

So anyway, where we are at the moment is only a few weeks away from opening. The “shop” required total renovation and it has been hard work but I am starting to see the end result. I will post before and after pictures once all the finishing touches are in and let you know of our new address and contact details.

Lots of posts to come so keep reading 🙂



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