London Fashion Week 70s inspired Trends

One of the big Trends seen amongst  last weeks London Fashion Week was 70’s inspired.

I myself am very happy about this as I love 70’s fashion.

Oversized coats, big hats and fabulous boots for me scream 70’s. However, Holly Fulton’s spring 2014 collection showed floral prints and patterns. More of the Retro 70’s style.

Great to get some colour and life back into our wardrobes after this dreary winter we have been having.

As we know clothing Trends will also inspire hair styles and from what I remember of the 70’s, hair was big, bouncy and very feminine.

Farrah Fawcett is probably one of the most iconic figures of the 70’s and her long, wavy locks are still inspiring hairstyles today.

Farrah Fawcett

Lets hope that with all the mention of 70’s fashion, there will be more “Farrah Fawcett’s” being requested in our salons.




Hair on BBC Three

Quite excited about the news of a new reality competition style program called  Hair

BBC Three will be following eight different competitors over 6 episodes that will showcase young British armature hair stylists.

Judges will include Royal Hairdresser Denise McAdam  and Alain Pichon who has styled Madonna, Scarlett Johansson and Claudia Schiffer.

How refreshing will it be to see some up and coming hair stylists show off their talents rather than the usual and slightly dull singing or dancing competitions that we are so used to being bombarded with.

I think this is a show I may well be gripped to and can hopefully take some inspiration from.


Gift vouchers

Trend hair extensions gift vouchers are available from the value of £50 upwards. Perfect gift to give the lady in your life whether it be for a birthday or even for valentines day… Contact us on 020 8133 7693 or email… Vouchers will be posted to you next day…

Nicole Scherzinger’s crop

I was disappointed last night to see that Nicole Scherzinger had cut off her hair into a bob. Don’t get me wrong, the woman is absolutely stunning regardless of her hair length but it just didn’t do it for me.

Nicole Bob


Previously I had always admired her beautiful, long, dark hair and was never quite sure whether it was natural or achieved through additions. I guess we will soon find out as my bet is that it wont take too long before she has hair extensions fitted to get back to normal. This is why hair extensions are so good as they let you experiment with different styles and lengths safe in the knowledge that you can add some bonds to get back to long, gorgeous hair..

Amy Willerton

Im a Celebrity Amy Willerton. I had been looking at her and trying to work out whether or not she has hair extensions but tonight she made it clear that she is entirely natural. Wow! the girl is stunning with no make-up or Trend Hair Extensions! However, more importantly, she comes across as being a really nice person. Articulate and able to hold her own when there are other members of the camp almost telling her off  because she has been born with a natural beauty that I and most of us should only admire. So what if she has made her living from beauty pageants and modelling. Rebecca Adlington has made her carer through swimming. a talent that she has been born with and many others may be envious of. Lucy Pargeter has been able to pursue a career in acting, one of the hardest industry to break your way into, so why is this beautiful lovely young lady, who has been successful in what she has chosen to do been made to feel like she has to justify her choice. Amy Willerton, I am in awe x

New hair variations

In response to some feedback from our on-line shop, we will be looking to stock some variations in hair type and lengths. Although the most popular length is still the 20# there will be some 16# coming soon. Perfect for adding volume to longer hair or just if your client wants a more natural length. Prices will be announced shortly.

Although for me, the most natural and long lasting result is achieved with the pre-bonded hair, Micro-loops are great for a more temporary answer to long hair. I would be interested to hear from any hair extensionists out there that would be wanting to purchase great quality micro-loops at a very good price and a trustworthy source.

You can get in touch by commenting on this blog entry or by emailing

look forward to hearing from you 🙂


Duchess of Cambridge

I tend to take what the papers say with a pinch of salt but have to admit I am sometimes guilty of allowing myself to be sucked into a hyped up story.

However, I was completely outraged today when most of the major national tabloids felt the need to report that The Duchess of Cambridge has got grey hair! REALLY????

First of all, who hasn’t (at the age of 30) got a few white ones and secondly, do they not have anything more interesting to report!

Let us remind ourselves that this lady has only a few months ago had a baby and has seemed to jump straight back into her Royal duties when the usual maternity leave these days is 12 months!

So what,,she hasn’t managed to get the hairdressers to have her roots touched up. It honestly amazes me how some journalists can be so unforgiving….

Autumn Hair

There’s a definite chill in the air and autumn has finally arrived.

I don’t know about you but I love the crisp cold mornings with gorgeous golden, orange and reddish tones to the scenery.

Fashion is great around this time of year as well. With chunky boots and big fur lined coats, its time to wrap up warm.

What better way to keep warm with super long, wavy hair. Complete the best autumnal look with fusion bonded hair extensions. Prices starting from £210.

Remember Trend Hair Extensions can colour your hair extensions to give you the perfect warm hues for Autumn Hair – just ask for details.

Best Hair Extensions

I have noticed that this is a question asked on a regular basis.

“What are the best hair extensions?”

There isn’t a straight forward answer to this question im afraid but there are a few things that should be taken into consideration when choosing the right person to fit your extensions.

Hair is probably the most important thing that makes a woman feel confident so first and foremost you must check that the hair extensionist has got substantial qualifications and experience?

I believe that they should also be a qualified hairdresser as hair extensions are a specialist field and require a lot of basic hairdressing knowledge in order to give you the best results.

Check that they have got a nationally recognised qualification e.g NVQ or City & Guilds and ask to see insurance documents. You will be surprised how many people are working without insurance. We as hair specialists are providing a service and you have the right to make sure you are being looked after properly.

There are many hair extensionists out there that believe that fitting hair extensions is a great way to earn money. My motivation is not money, it is because I love making women feel great!

What is Remy hair

Remy Hair means hair that is cuticle correct.

It has been taken directly from the donor’s head and preserved to ensure all the cuticles are healthy and facing in equal direction. It’s important for the cuticles to face the same direction to protect the hair shaft which will prevent tangling when becoming static.

Trend Hair extensions offer two types of Remy hair. Single-drawn and Double-drawn. The difference being that Single-drawn hair has been sourced from one donor and double drawn is made up from different sources enabling all the hairs to be the same length.

Although the Double-drawn hair is thicker and fuller from root to tip, the single drawn is an overall more consistent and natural look.

It all comes down to personal choice as to which type of Remy hair the client likes but rest assured both are a high quality grade of hair.