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It has been two weeks since re-opening after Covid-19 hit and caused us all to go into lock-down and it is fair to say we are so happy to be back and doing what we love and do best.

It has been far from easy preparing for the new guidelines imposed by the government especially as we didn’t really know what was going to be expected of us until a few days before opening. However, we have done it and are managing to get back into the swing of things, albeit with extra headgear and loads more hours.

The government have stated that stylists should wear a clear visor that covers the forehead, extends below the chin and wraps around the face. The visors are in addition to the usual PPE we use when carrying out treatments. In addition and after the new advice this week, we will be insisting on clients wearing face masks.

We also must not under estimate the most effective methods of preventing transmission of the virus, which is social distancing and regular hand washing.  That is why we provide hand sanitiser and have reduced the number of clients in the salon at any one time.

We have compiled a list of some additional guidelines that we should make you all aware of.

  • Appointments will be pre-booked only so no walk-ins, including consultations and skin tests.
  • No refreshments serviced, please bring your own.
  • Please bring and wear a mask.
  • Please wash your hands as soon as you arrive.
  • No magazines will be provided so make sure your phones are charged.
  • If you have any symptoms or have been asked to self-isolate, please re-arrange your appointment.

We would like to say a special thank you to all our clients who have been patient and kind and remained loyal to us here at Trend.

As the situation hopefully improves we will update you on any changes and continue to keep up to date with any new guidelines.

Stay safe everyone and hope to see you all soon!

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