First Month and going well

I suppose we hit the ground running in the first couple of weeks of opening. My expectations were exceeded with regards to the amount of interest in the salon but unfortunately due to illness our first month wasn’t as we had planned. Luckily, despite the odd day when the salon had to be closed, this hasn’t seemed to affect business too much.
We are now in full swing and back to work hopefully without any interruptions…
The location in Crendon Street, High Wycombe has been super great for us as there is a good flow of traffic going passed the salon and our beautiful chandelier in the window is getting us noticed 😉
Parking nearby is at Easton Street, The Swan Car Park or Castle Street. All three are a two minute walk away and what with the sun doing its best to shine these days, a short, brisk walk is no real problem.


CharityEarlier in February, Trend Hair Extensions chose to support “Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research” as their charity and will be holding various charity events throughout the year. The big one being “Tough Mudder” – a 10 mile Obstacle course that will really test our strength and stamina. It will be worth all the pain for a fantastic cause. Thankfully this is not until September so plenty of time to get ready…
Continuously our most popular method of hair extensions has been fusion bonded. We believe this is due to the longevity and flexibility of this type and also clients are not as aware of the benefits of the other methods.
One thing our clients can be sure of though is that Trend Hair Extensions will always find an appropriate, safe method for their hair type and lifestyle.

Salon Update

Thought I would update you on our recent progress.

The last couple of weeks have been manic but when I think about what has actually been achieved in this short time, I feel quite proud and excited at the same time.

Highlight of the week was the shop sign being fitted. I felt quite emotional once I could see the Trend Hair Extension logo above the window, made it seem very real. As you can see by the image, there is still some work to do on the outside of the building but you can get the idea of the style we are going for. I want our clients to feel comfortable and look forward to spending time in there.

Now we have a town presence, I have noticed the community feel and positive comments from other business owners in the area. It has been quite uplifting and inspiring to meet other shop owners, hear their stories and take some advise off people that are further down the line.

For the next week or so, our time will be spent dressing the salon with mirrors, shelves, pictures and finishing off the lighting. We hope to be open by the end of next week.

For information on our launch event, please like our FB page “Trend Hair Extensions”

Hair Extensions Salon coming soon

I haven’t written a blog recently as the last couple of months I have been busy getting ready to open a salon in High Wycombe – a specialist hair extension fitting and styling bar…

This will be somewhere you can visit for all your long hair needs, including cutting, colouring, fitting and styling, not only for hair extensions, but for long hair in general.

My promise to my clients is this:

“Trend Hair Extensions are dedicated to providing professional and honest care in a safe environment. We aim to ensure that our clients experience is relaxing, safe and enjoyable. No matter what their age is or their requirements, we aim to offer a service that will make them feel amazing as soon as they enter our salon..”

I feel confident in stating this after spending the last 6 years training with the best in the industry. A level III qualification in hair extensions through Michelle Griffin (hair extensionist of the year) and most recently a “dressing long hair” training program with Patrick Cameron.

Trend Hair Extensions salon will be offering three types of fittings. Fusion Bonded (from £290) Micro-loops (from £340) and Tape Weft (from £180).

I will go into more detail of these types of hair extensions over the next couple of weeks so you can decide what type will suit you best.

So anyway, where we are at the moment is only a few weeks away from opening. The “shop” required total renovation and it has been hard work but I am starting to see the end result. I will post before and after pictures once all the finishing touches are in and let you know of our new address and contact details.

Lots of posts to come so keep reading 🙂



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Wella Instamatic semi-permanent colours

We are seeing more and more clients that want to switch their look to something new on a regular basis and there are now some great products out there that allow for just that.

I get excited with the creativity that can be achieved from adding flashes of colour or even the natural Ombre look with hair additions as this can give an instant look with minimal damage to the natural hair, but I have also noticed a new range from Wella Professionals called Instamatic, which is launching to salons this September.

The semi-permanent colour range has been formulated to tap in to the trend for temporary, trend-led colour which fades gradually and washes out easily.

There are six Instamatic shades, each of which achieves a diffused colour finish with muted shine, Pink Dream for a pastel feminine blush, Muted Mauve for a hint of violet colour, Jaded Mint for a fresh hue, Ocean Storm for a sultry haze and Smokey Amethyst for a smouldering tonal effect. These natural pastel affects can be achieved in just a few minutes.

Your stylist can also use these colours to tone unwanted yellow and orange hues.

I can’t wait to try these out on our Trenders and see what affect can be achieved on our natural human remy hair extensions.


Tape Weft Extensions Coming Soon


Recently I discovered a new method of fitting hair extensions and I was lucky enough to obtain some more  training at The Michelle Griffin Academy. Michelle has recently been named “The winner of the Commercial Creative category of the UK Extensionist of the Year competition in association with Balmain Hair UK”

I thoroughly enjoyed my day at the academy and absolutely love this method.

Ultra fine hair is mounted onto 5 cm strips of tape and attached to the natural hair. They last between 4 – 6 weeks and can be re-fitted up to 3 times which gives the client real value for money.

Unlike pre-bonded and micro-rings, they are suitable for very fine hair and can be used to add flashes of colour, length and volume. With Tape Weft the hair extension specialist can be really creative.

The beauty of this method is that it takes less than 1 hour to fit and under half hour to remove which means you can have instant length or volume to your hair.Tape Weft







As with any other method of extensions it is imperative that they are fitted by a qualified professional and aftercare is adhered to.

Trend Hair Extensions will be offering this method very soon so keep your eye out for introductory offers.



Remy Hair Extensions

Where to buy hair extensions

As with buying any product on-line or from a retail store, cheapest isn’t always the best. You may have seen on certain auction sites that you can buy hair extensions at exceptionally cheap prices but you need to ask yourself “why are they so cheap. It might not necessarily be the quality but how the hair has been sourced. In some third world countries it said that hair is obtained unwillingly and from areas with deep poverty. There is also talk that some cheaper hair is extracted from corpses. If this thought bothers you then make sure the hair supplier does its upmost to source the hair ethically and fairly.

On-line stores for hair extensIons are a good place to make your purchases but be sure the site is reliable. Uk sites are governed by UK and EU laws which could potentially see owners of the website liable for any content that is untrue. Make sure the supplier has a working telephone number and an advertised address or regional area of business.
The site should be secure, e.g has recommended payment methods: Visa, MasterCard and PayPal and you are referred to a trusted platform e.g Barclays.
Reviews from previous customers are a great way to know whether the site is trusted. Take some time to read the reviews and check all the above to ensure your purchases are safe..
Trend Hair Extensions do their upmost to provide a great level of customer service and pride themselves on supplying the best quality hair extensions.
Thank you for taking the time to read this blog from Trend Hair Extensions. Please visit out website for our on-line store. Here you can purchase a range of products from top grade ethically sourced hair extensions to specially designed aftercare brushes. 10% off first purchases for Hair Extensions Specialists and fitters.
Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashion without hair extensions

I was surprised to learn recently that Kim Kardashion’s gorgeous dark locks were not all of her own. It was only when I saw pictures of her in a gossip magazine without her hair extensions, I reminded myself that it is a rarity for any woman to naturally have the length and volume that Kim Kardashion had been sporting for all this time. So ladies, when you see all these pictures in magazines and on television of the extraordinary beauty that is thrust upon us, just remember this beauty is probably never without the help of additions, the odd cosmetic surgery and countless stylists to hand.

Get Kim Kardashion hair colour here