Aftercare for your hair extensions

Creame of Nature Shampoo

Hair Aftercare for your hair extensions

Good aftercare for your hair extensions is paramount to keeping your hair looking and feeling superb for the full 3 months. After using a few hair aftercare products myself, I found that some left my hair feeling sticky or almost plastic. Luckily I came across the Crème of Nature products which I have to say are my favourite. The moisture-enriched Argan Oil products nourish and hydrate your hair without leaving any unnatural sticky or cloggy feeling.

For regular use, whenever washing your hair, the Strength and Shine Leave-in conditioner is a great product. Spray onto damp hair before drying and styling and you will notice the difference immediately.

Another one that I rave about is the Intense conditioning treatment. If you are a regular wearer of hair extensions, this is a must investment. It only requires a small amount of treatment on the mid-lengths to ends as little as once every two to three weeks and it will transform the feeling of your hair. It really does work and will last a long time due to the small amount required.

Both these products and other Crème of Nature products can be found in our on-line shop and will be sent to you next day free delivery..

Go take a look..

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